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Congratulation and Compliment
 Compliment and Congratulation
1.       What is Compliment?
Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express/give praise.  Some people use compliments to “butter up” somebody or to flatter in order to increase good will. Complement is for anyone you have occasion to talk with (friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers).
Complement is express to praise about:
-        the way people’s look/ general appearance
-        something people have
-        something people did   
-        something people said
The Expression of Complement:
-        That’s a beautiful dress!
-        What a lovely shoes!
-        You did very well
-        You are a good cook
-        You look charming in that dress
The Responses of Compliment:
-        Thank you
-        Really? Thanks
-        Thank you for saying so
-        I am glad you like it
-        I am glad you enjoyed it
Let's see the examples:
Dyan      : That’s lovely bag, Mika. Is it new?
Mika      : Yes, it is. It’s a gift from my mother.
Dyan      : Wow..it is really suits on you.
Mika      : Really? Thank you Dyan.
Teacher                  : This is good composition, Gerry.
Gerry                     : Thank you, Sir. I had work very hard on it. Because the topic was not very                                  familiar to me.
Teacher                  : You did a very good job.
Gerry                     : Thank you, Sir
1.       What is Congratulation?
Congratulation is an expression that we use to give the congratulation utterance when he/she success in doing something.
Kinds of Congratulations:
-        Congratulation of someone’s success
-         Happy Birthday
-        Merry Christmas
-        Happy New Year
-         Happy Valentine
-         Happy Anniversary
The expression of Congratulation
-        Congratulation!
-        Congratulation on your promotion
-        Congratulation for your graduate
-        I would like to congratulate you ….
-        I must congratulate you ….
-        Let me congratulate on your success
The Responses of congratulation:
-        Thank you
-        Thanks, I hope you so
-        Thanks, I needed that
-        It’s very kind of you to say that
-        Do you really think so?
Syamma               : Congratulations on your 15th birthday, Wulana.
Wulana                 : Thank you, Syamma.
Syamma               : You look charming in that black gown.
Wulana                 : Thank you for saying so, you look charming too.
Aunt      : I heard you have passed your English exam, is it true?
Poppy   : Yes, aunt.
Aunt      : Congratulation for your exam, Poppy.
Poppy   : Thank you very much, aunt.
Aunt      : So, what is your plan after that?
Poppy   : I plant to go to the vocational school, aunt.
Aunt      : Good.
Source: http://hardworker1991.blogspot.com/2013/11/expressing-compliment-and-congratulation.html

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